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How do we begin the enrollment process? – All referrals for enrollment must come from the school district where the student’s parents reside. The liaison from the school district submits an application to the Principal of West Central School and Transition Services for enrollment, including permission from the parent, and a copy of the most recent Individualized Education Program and Evaluation Team Report. During the school year, a team from WCSTS will schedule a visit to the student’s current school, and the family may be scheduled to tour the WCSTS facility.

What is the funding or tuition for the school? – There is no charge to families for enrollment in WCSTS. All tuition and extra contracted fees are negotiated with the school district and FCBDD, following traditional Ohio Department of Education funding practices. WCSTS is not an Autism Scholarship or Peterson Scholarship provider.

Is my school district still involved after I enroll in West Central School and Transition Services?
Yes. Each school district sends a district representative to attend the Individualized Education Program and the Evaluation Team Report meetings for the student. The home school district is still responsible for reviewing, monitoring and agreeing to the IEP.

Who provides transportation?– FCBDD provides school bus transportation as part of the agreement with the school district. Passenger vans are used during the school day, driven by authorized school staff, to transport students in the community for learning and/or employment experiences.

Can students come to your school after they graduate from High School? – No. All students must be age 14 – 22, eligible for services provided by the Franklin County Board of Developmental Disabilities, and must not have graduated from high school.

When can students transition from school to adult life? – Each student participates in a Discovery Process that leads to a person-centered plan. This plan describes the outcomes for completion of school and start of adult options. Whenever the student is determined “ready” to transition to adult life, whether during the school year or summer, or before they reach age 22, the individual student and their family and the MAP Planning Team determine that the student can begin the transition schedule.

What is your curriculum? – We use the Unique Learning System – ULS – supplemented by other functional skills developmental checklists to guide instruction. All school activities are relevant to each student’s person-centered plan. All activities are designed to broaden students’ awareness of concepts needed for community participation and employment, to develop communication and social skills, and to empower students with skills needed for independent living and self-determination.

What therapies and related services are available for students? – Related services needed to support educational goals are determined during IEP meetings. The amount and frequency of services vary with each student, and may vary within the school year as needed. We offer related services including: Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; Speech and Language Therapy; Behavior Support; Aquatics Therapy in our Aquatics Center; and teaching specialists in Art, Music and Adapted Physical Education.

Are summer program options available? – There are currently three summer program options available:

• Summer Center – recreation program for students enrolled in FCBDD school program during the school year. This is a 5-week program that emphasizes access to recreation and leisure opportunities in the community.

• Transition to Work (TTW) – this program is available to students who are nearing graduation, and are eligible for FCBDD services, and who live in Franklin County. It is a 5-week program of career exploration and pre-employment skill training. TTW provides Career Discovery experiences and produces a Discovery Profile for each participant.

• Career Camp – this program is offered through our partnership with Columbus City Schools. It is a paid summer employment experience for students nearing graduation.