The music and art teachers have developed a program to enable students’ exploration of a variety of experiences, gaining skills that will allow them to express their feelings, relax and find enjoyment.


Our award winning art teacher uses both the Ohio and National visual arts standards. She has been very successful at getting much of our student’s art out in the community…..into museums, office buildings, and around the city on display. She uses the student’s strengths and abilities to make art, which includes finding ways for students who are limited in range of motion or physical ability.


Our music teacher helps students to learn special skills in her classroom that can be taken out into the community. This may include teaching students socially appropriate skills that may be needed to attend theatrical presentations. When creating her curriculum, she looks at each student’s individual skills and interest and creates a program that allows them to find a release and enjoyment in ways they may not know were possible. She also incorporates academic skills such as counting, reading music, and recognizing colors. This may include helping students learn performance skills such as playing bells, drums, piano and dancing. Music Relaxation Therapy pairs different genres of music with engaging imagery on our Smartboard. It allows students to have a calming experience.

Adapted Physical Education

Our curriculum promotes many important skills such as health, coordination, following directions, developing awareness of body in space, communication and self-control. Our teacher has created many different participatory options for students that teach skills for exercise and movement and healthy choices to maintain physical well being. She has incorporated:

  • Sensory-based activities to help students stretch and gain more body movement.
  • Classes to help students learn sports skills and rules.
  • A daily walking group in the morning helps students with physical activity, but teaches the students self-control, awareness of space in relation to others around them and counting skills.

We are also active in the Special Olympics.


Students are provided scheduled swimming classes in our pool, which has a water temperature of approximately 92 degrees F. This promotes relaxation and comfort while learning swimming motions or conducting therapy. Our Aquatic Department partners with classroom staff to ensure appropriate support and supervision.