Individualized Learning

Our classrooms offer extensive adult support and guidance as students work towards independence.  Ratios of adults to students are 1:3 in most areas.  “Unique Learning System” is our primary curriculum for both academics and transition support.  Students over 18 are able to access the Unique Learning Transition Curriculum and apply this knowledge in community-based experiences.  Life Skills curriculum is also offered school-wide, to support student living skills needs.  Students are supported through practice and repetition of tasks that are essential to independence. Each student is approached as an individual with different skills, interests and preferences, to assist in encouraging growth, exploration and competency in a variety of areas.

Many of our students have sensory processing disorders or sensory needs, whether auditory, visual, vestibular, tactile, olfactory, proprioceptive or oral. Our sensory room supports many of these areas to ensure that our students are provided with the type of environment that assists them in attaining their best learning and behaviors.