Therapeutic Support

Occupational Therapy

The goal of Occupational Therapy (OT) is to help individuals become as independent as possible in the various roles in their lives.

The areas of focus include sensory processing/modulation and fine motor skill development for academic, self-care and leisure related skills. OTs assess oral motor skills and develop Student Meal-Snack Programs, in conjunction with medical recommendations.

OT services may include helping with positioning, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination activities and determining ways to set up tasks more appropriately.

  • Help students learn appropriate methods of daily living skills, such as eating. This is done in the classroom, cafeteria, and in the specialized lunch group
  • Attend community outings with students when appropriate to help students practice skills in a natural setting
  • Provide support to teachers and other specialists to modify materials to better serve the students’ needs

Physical Therapy

The physical therapists at WCS provide services to address areas such as mobility, wheelchair seating and propulsion, gross motor skills, balance, coordination, endurance, postural control, strength and range of motion.

  • Assist students with range of motion activities to enhance their physical strength
  • Provide physical therapy in our heated pool, classrooms, OT/PT clinic and in appropriate community settings
  • Assist staff and families with wheelchair and other positioning technical support

Speech and Language

Speech therapists assess our students to identify language development levels, conduct hearing screening and determine strategies to provide instructional or therapeutic development of language and communication skills. They provide these services in both the school and in the community.

  • Help students communicate wants and needs throughout the day
  • Assist teachers as they create student individual schedules
  • Teach students how to communicate choices throughout the day to express interests and ask for help
  • Explore use of assistive technology for communication

Psychological Services

As a related service, psychological services provided by FCBDD Psychology
Department include, but are not limited to, the administration of psychological and educational testing, behavior and social emotional assessments to assist in the planning and development of students’ educational programs, and behavior support needs. Services also include consultations with educational team members regarding students’ social-emotional, intellectual abilities and developmental needs. Additionally, staff training on positive behavioral support, trauma-informed care and other professional development topics is provided to promote a positive behavior support culture through the development of relationships with persons served, their families and care